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To create experiences that instill a sense of trust, comfort and pride


  • Driven
  • Stretch your limits
  • Be proactive
  • Get it done
  • Honorable
  • Be accountable
  • Treat people with respect
  • Do the right thing
  • Empathetic
  • Shut up and listen
  • Show you care
  • Get over yourself
  • Courageous
  • Trust yourself
  • Eat the frog
  • Next Play


To positively impact over 500,000 lives by cultivating a team of the brightest, most trustworthy and innovative people who constantly raise the bar for our industry.

Live Happy

Realizing Our Vision

We're committed to positively impacting over 500,000 lives by 2025. We do this by treating the people with whom we work with respect. We selflesly elevate our clients' needs above our own. And, we volunteer in the communities in which we live and work. We're only as successful as those communities.

We take this vision so seriously that we regularly and frequently measure our progress in realizing this ambitious goal.

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Stronger Together

We are all about TEAM. Once you are at DPM, we're invested in you and want you to succeed beyond your expectations in realizing your full potential.

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"The strength of our team is our ability to listen and collaborate on each thing that comes our way. We work together to achieve more and that keeps us moving forward."

- Mindie Ballard of Atlas Realty, Real Estate Sales Division

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Picture for Brightest Section

Brightest Doers

We are always trying to hire the smartest and brightest. Bright could be a smile or an idea, but you know it when you see it.

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"It doesn’t get much better than working with people you love, especially when they’re smarter than you are."

- Tim Wehner, Vice President of Single Family Management

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Most Trustworthy

Trust is essential to our relationships with each other, our tenants, and our owners. We seek and foster trust in everything we do.

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"It takes a lot to trust someone when it comes to providing housing. I know that our team gets it and I can count on them to deliver when I need them."

- Joan Barnett, Controller

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Picture for Innovative Section

Innovating Forward

Being proactive and responsive requires advanced technologies and carefully constructed processes that magnify the abilities of our team.

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"I don't just work at Dodson Property Management, I am a part of the Dodson family! A family who respects each other, works hard, plays hard, and is the best property management company in Richmond and beyond!"

- Ja'Net Penn, Accounting Manager

Meet Our Team

Work Happy

10 years ago, did you even know being a “property manager” was a career or even think about it being a job that could make a difference? Well, neither did we. That’s why, when we started Dodson Property Management in 2007, we weren’t just looking to make a few dollars, we set out on a mission to transform.

The opportunity to have a massive impact on an entire industry doesn’t come along all that often for us “everyday” folks. But, at Dodson Property Management, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Our vision of impacting the lives of 500,000 people by 2025 seems lofty and vague, until you realize that it’s not just words, it’s a way of life.

Positively impacting lives isn’t the easiest task in this business, just Google, “Issues with my landlord” OR “What’s wrong with my tenants?”... it makes for some funny reading, but also spells out a problem with the housing dynamic in our region.

We’re here to change the narrative that landlords and tenants must be at odds with each other. We’re doing that by hiring the brightest, most innovative people we can find and cultivating a team that not only cares about their job, but cares about the people around them. We may have to “eat a frog” or “get over ourselves” every now and again, but it’s worth it.

We welcome those driven to better themselves and those around them, courageous enough to trust themselves to create comfortable living experiences empathetic to our clients and tenants’ needs, and honorable enough to hold themselves accountable. In fact, team members support those qualities in each other through the recognition of awarding our coveted Ducat.

We are regularly hiring property managers, maintenance technicians and leasing agents across the properties we service. You can view currently available positions for these roles on Indeed at:

For sales, backoffice operations, and other positions, please inquiry with and/or send your resume to

Be Happy

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The Essentials -
We Got You Covered!

  • Medical and dental benefits? Health yeah! We pay half.
  • 401(k) with a match? Bet your future on it!
  • Short-term disability? We want to make sure you're taken care of!
  • Life Insurance? Would suck to have to use it, but we got it!
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Building an Empire
in the Heart of the City.

  • We ride or die on successful, valued partnerships with clients and treat tenants fairly and honestly.
  • We develop long-term relationships with vendors and treat them well.
  • We deeply believe in our city and region's future and give back to RVA through community service.
  • We improve neighborhoods through real estate development and top-tier property management.
  • We will impact a half-million lives by 2025; you'll have your own "Lives Impacted" goal, which you can meet by treating people fairly, coaching and service.
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Can't Knock Our Hustle.

  • We hire innovative, trustworthy, and smart people. Who play hard and work harder.
  • We like beer, but it's ok if you don't.
  • If you can't give or take a joke, you will probably have a hard time here.
  • We have bubble hockey and a pool table. We also have a roof bar, if you consider climbing out of a window onto the roof a bar.
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Started From the Bottom,
Now We're Here.

  • Growth? More than 600% in the past five years.
  • In 2007, we managed five homes. Today we manage more than 3,300.
  • Keep calm and do good work; we promote from within.
  • We are professional problem solvers. We've seen 99 problems and can fix every one.
  • Diversity ain't hard when you live it daily.
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How Could You Falter
When You're the Rock of Gibralter?

  • Career Goals? We'll help you reach them.
  • Want a few sweet letters after your name (CPM, ARM, RMP, MPM)? We'll pay half the tab for your designations.
  • Want to learn? We pay half your conference registration fees and property management classes.
  • Like reading? We'll pay you to read business books (Note to Chet: The Cat in the Hat is not a business book).
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Equity (This Means "Money")

  • For the real estate that we develop, we give equity in the properties to
    employees who meet certain thresholds (and if Chet can do this, so can you):
    • Three years of employment
    • Up-to-date on your "Lives Impacted" goal
    • Completed real estate investment classes